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Akasha Love

Akasha Love

Akasha Love is is dedicated to holding space for the evolution of souls. She is a soul alchemist, artist and musician, and is honoured to hold this space for you.

Tarot by Aleister Crowley

The Tarot as a tool for Inner Alchemy

The journey of life is equally and inner and an outer journey. We have to interact and relate with the external world all the time, but we also need to be interacting and relating with our internal world. If we neglect the inner world and are focused entirely on the external, then we will lose touch with ourselves, and if this goes on for too long we’ll find we no longer know who we are. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship, you will know what this feels like.

Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Jung’s Archetypes and How they can help you

Carl Gustav Jung was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who worked in Switzerland in the early part of the 1900s. Initially a kind of apprentice to Sigmund Freud (AKA the father of psychoanalysis), he later became his colleague and heir apparent, following in his mentor’s footsteps into this relatively new field of psychology. While Freud was quite …

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Narcissist Empath Dynamic

An Alternative Approach to healing the Narcissist Empath Dynamic

As an empath myself, I have attracted quite a few people who might be termed ‘narcissists’ or that they have ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ into my life.   As a very sensitive and deep feeling person, an empath is like a magnet for a person with narcissistic tendencies, because what these people love most of all …

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Emotional Emergency Pause

Emotional Emergency Pause

I believe that right now we are in an age – the Age of Aquarius – according to the astrologers, which is an age when as a collective we are maturing on the emotional level. More of use are learning emotional intelligence, thus boosting out EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and becoming agents of positive change in the world, or as Jamie Catto tags it, ‘Walking Permission Slips’.

I created this ‘Emotional Emergency Pause’ guided meditation to help you through an overwhelming feeling experience.