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I believe we all come to Earth with our DNA already coded for our most brilliant and fabulous life. I believe that Self Love is the basic core ingredient for growing your most fabulous life, and then comes silence, and from silence your deepest visions can manifest.

I believe in Radical Self Love, Radical Honesty, Radical Courage, Radical stepping into fears, and continuously expanding creativity.

I believe in YOU and your potential. And I believe that life is an incredible transformation process. The caterpiller of today is not the butterfly of tomorrow. Who knows what you may become? Everything is possible.

Many deeply creative, senstive people are awakening right now to their own potential and to the potential of building a new world together. We are living through a pivotal time in the evolution of our Earth, where awakened beings are being called out to lead us towards a new level of consciousness, so that we can together collectively face big issues of our time like climate change, nuclear threats, poverty and global conflicts. The work here at Akasha Love is about turning inwards to solve our own inner conflicts, to heal our own childhood wounds and traumas, so that we can then turn outwards in the world and use our creative expression for good. 

This community is a a community to support individual and collective healing, through teachings on self love, self respect, healing from trauma, and from toxic relating patterns, through meditation, yoga and creative practice. The goal of this community is to support your blossoming into the greatest flower that you can be! 

About Founder: Michelle Taffe

Akasha Love // AKA Michelle Elise Taffe
In Bali, in front of Mount Batur, 2020. Photo by a friendly Balinese man.


I am a writer, artist and musician, yoga and meditation teacher, passionate traveller through inner and outer worlds, and a professional inspirer. I’m creative and disciplined, dedicated to my spiritual practice, fiercely loving, and devoted to holding space for the evolution of souls. I am a freedom loving global yogi, disobedient by inclination, entrepreneur by nature and constantly inspired by the magic and mystery of life on Earth. 

I believe that letting go is more important than holding on. In letting go of all that we are not, our natural inner diamond starts shining from within.

Australian born, I left my home country for the first time, aged 20, and headed to Thailand drawn by a thirst for adventure and a desire to discover the world beyond the known. Having been on many adventures in Asia and Europe, by the time I was 29, I was living in Barcelona, Spain, and should have been living the life of my dreams, since it had always been my desire to travel the world from a young age. But I was depressed. I was enrolled in a Masters of International Relations at a prestigious campus in central Barcelona where I studied in three languages with students from around the world. But something was missing. I didn’t have a clear life purpose, I didn’t really know where I was going, and I found myself sinking into a habitual pattern of depression that I had been in an out of since my teenage years. When I realised that I hadn’t left the house or spoken to anyone for days, I knew I had to do something. So I took a drastic decision to leave my course, and fly to Thailand to do a Vipassana retreat at a monastery on an island in the gulf of Thailand. This was the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life that has taken me to where I am today. At this ten day retreat, I understood that I was the source and the cause of my own suffering, and so, I could also be the one to heal it. 

This set me on a journey of discovering, in which I dove deep into the practices of yoga and meditation over the next ten years, learning with spiritual teachers across the world while travelling with my new business, The Global Yogi, a web magazine that took the pulse of the spiritual scene worldwide, profiling yoga teachers, retreats and retreat centres in some majestic and spectacular locations. I finally felt like I had found my calling, as I combined my passion for meditation and yoga with my love of writing and communication, and wrapped it all up in a blanket of world travel: bliss. 

But then came another life transition, when I felt the calling to move from the writing and documenting spirituality to becoming a teacher in my own right. In 2018 I held my first small retreats, and in 2020, I launched by new business, along with my new spirit name, Akasha Love. Now I focus on teaching self love through three mediums: yoga and meditation, creativity (music, painting) and inner work. 

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher (Samma Karuna, Thailand, 2018) with a practice spanning 15 years. I am also a qualified Meditation Teacher (Mindfulness Works 2018) and i have over 10,000 hours of meditation practice, as a daily practitioner for the past 15 years. I am also a Vipassana Guide (Experienced in Assisting at Silent Retreats at Monasteries in Thailand from 2013) and Reiki Master (Level I and II Reiki certificates given to me by Margot Brock in Melbourne 2017 / 19).

Akasha Love, Ubud 2015
In the rice paddies of Ubud, Bali, 2015. Photo by Sara Asteborg.

I love the quiet ones, the strange ones, the left of centres, the artsy types, those who feel they don’t fit in anywhere, the shooting stars.

You were not born to ‘fit in’, by the way… 🙂 You were born to fill the wonderful you-shaped space in the the universe that only you can fill. Fitting in would be a process of trying to squeeze your radiant self into a shape that was not made for you, so it’s not possible for you to fit it, no matter how many contortions you twist yourself into.

Maybe you have felt a powerful force inside of you but it has felt kind of dampened or repressed through the weight of life, and all that has happened so far.  I want to help you to discard the weight that ‘life’ has placed upon you. I want to help you feel your inner LIGHT, to EXPRESS your creative potential, to LOVE yourself fiercely making your outer life a reflection of your inner YOU-NI-VERSE

Akasha Love
Sunset at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, 2013. Photo by Simeon Lenoir.


To heal hearts through bringing more space for love to all whom I meet.


A world where we heal conflict by looking within and feeling what needs to be felt, before connecting in peace, truth and love with the outer world.