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The YOUNIVERSE Calendar 2024

The YOUNIVERSE Calendar for 2024, features 12 awesome trailblazing women! 

Designed to inspire you through sharing stories of prominent women’s lives; artists, yogis, singers, dancers, mothers, politicians, writers and human rights activists all teach us through their life stories, how we can be more of ourselves.  

 Each month features one amazing woman and a condensed version of her life story. Every month also includes the dates of the full moon and new moon, as well as the solstices. A perfect gift for an amazing woman in your life, or for yourself!

This is a wall calendar, with wire ring binding that you can hang anywhere in your house. It’s available now and ships worldwide.

The You-Ni-Verse EP

Get the You-Ni-Verse extended play to listen to inspire the awakening of whatever wants to awaken within your own You-Ni-Verse.

Lovingly written and recorded in Bali during the 2020 COVID year, with help from my amazing producer in Kuala Lumpur, this is a gift straight from my heart to yours. Some of the songs are dancey, and others are more meditative. All are in the genre I like to call: Ethereal soul. For all those fellow mystics out there, this one is for you.

  1. L’Universe (6:08)
  2. Temple in the Rain (5:17)
  3. Breathe in My Sunshine (4:43)
  4. The Unravelling (4:19)
  5. Lila (7:08)
  6. Saraswati (6:43)

The complete album last about 30 minutes.

The You-Ni-Verse album is now ready for your listening pleasure. You can buy it as a digital download, and save the album to Apple Music or wherever you store your music digitally (also can save on a USB stick).