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Self Love 101

Self Love 101 Online Course

Are you ready to up-level your life? Ready to heal all the old wounds that stop you from fully showing up and doing what you want to do in your life?

This comprehensive course in Self Love  starts with spiritual enquiry into the nature of the self, then takes you on a journey to heal your inner child, dissolve negative beliefs and seed new empowering ones, and then develop a radical self care routine using ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

The You-Ni-Verse EP

Get the You-Ni-Verse extended play to listen to inspire the awakening of whatever wants to awaken within your own You-Ni-Verse.

Lovingly written and recorded in Bali, with help from my amazing producer in Kuala Lumpur, this is a gift straight from my heart to yours. Some of the songs are dancey, and others are more meditative. All are in the genre I like to call: Ethereal soul. For all those fellow mystics out there, this one is for you.

The You-Ni-Verse album is now ready for your listening pleasure 🙂 . 

Inner-Spiration (Digital) Prints

Do you need some Inner Spiration? These prints are digital downloads, that you can print out at whatever size suits, and frame on your wall. They help you create and maintain a strong and loving inner relationship with yourself.

A part of the You-Ni-Verse series of paintings from 2020, these prints focus on one aspect of your inner nature, or your inner self relationship, with a painting and a short quote. I recommend printing these (any size as they are super HI-RES) on glossy card. Frame them or just stick them up in your workspace or home office for everyday inner-spiration!

Guidance from the Tarot

I have been using the Aleister Crowley tarot deck for guidance for myself for about the last 15 years. I have a daily practice of choosing a card to indicate a theme for my day. I originally bought this deck when I was about 24 (more than 20 years ago!) so that I could use the amazing images on the cards as a part of a website building project. Back then, I didn’t really have any interest in the tarot.

But slowly over time, I started to become curious about it, and began to use the deck to gain insight on my own issues and challenges in life. Over the years I fell in love with the tarot, and this particular deck, which is the only one I have ever used. 

And now, I would like to extend my Tarot skills to you, in the form of readings. I don’t predict futures – rather, I use the tarot as a soul mirror, and see what guidance it wants to bring you in that particular moment in your life. 

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar

Ready for your most sparkling year yet in 2021?!

The You-Ni-Verse calendar is illustrated with a different painting for each month, helping you connect with your inner you-ni-verse, so that you can manifest the most fabulous outer universe for you to live in.

The Calendar is sent to you wherever you are in the world! Purchase with postage costs are dependent on your location.


Your questions answered

It’s a digital download from the Itunes store.

There are three sections, each with 3 video teachings, so in total 9 video teachings. There are also downloadable PDF materials and exercises for each part of the course.

You will have lifetime access to this course, for as long as it is online.

We will endeavour to post the calendar to all locations in the world. Please fill in the form on the Contact page if you are not sure if we can send to your location.

Yes! I do Tarot Readings, using the Aleister Crowley Tarot deck. I do either 30 minute or 1 hour readings, depending how in depth you want to go. 

These are digital downloadable prints, in landscape layout, which you can print out at whatever size you like, as the resolution is very high (commercial standard for printing). So anything from A5 – a bit bigger than postcard size, to A1 – huge poster size, is possible.