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Postcard from Siracusa, Sicily

Swimming Platform, Siracusa
Swimming platform, Ortigia island, Siracusa,

Hi! It’s been some time since I have written a blog post here!

I thought time to give you an update on what’s going on here in the world of Akashic Love.

In case you don’t know, I chose Akasha Love as my new business / artist name in 2020, to help remind myself of my mission in life: opening up space for love, in myself and others. This was a part of the ‘divine download’ I receive at the beginning of 2020 in Bali, while I was meditating on how I could best serve the world moving forwards. I came to the conclusion that all spiritual, psychological and emotional problems generally come down to the same thing: being in the energy of fear rather than love, and judging oneself for this, or just judging oneself (and others) in general: making your experience in life somehow wrong. Once you have made yourself wrong or guilty of something, you can only then feel bad. This doesn’t mean of course that I suggest resorting to false positivity and ‘love and lighting’ away your true confronting / difficult feelings. And it doesn’t mean there’s often also a lot of very real reasons why you might feel the way you feel, which often stem from the way you’ve been treated by people in your past (or present!). It doesn’t mean that I suggest bypassing this important piece of self-understanding. It just means that instead of judging yourself, running from yourself or stewing in your own juice (guilt), you open up space within yourself to love whatever it is you are feeling or experiencing at that moment, even if it’s really hard.

If we can do this, then we reach a place of self acceptance and self understanding eventually.

Here in Siracusa I have been busking in the street, progressing on my project of facing my deepest fear – putting myself vulnerably out in public and sharing my gifts! Eeeek! It continues to be scary, and I continue the inner dialogue with myself which goes something like this:

Bad Cop: God, you have got to stop this! It’s ridiculous. It’s too scary for you, you make hardly any money, and anyway, you are not even that good. In fact you are pretty shite…. And nobody really cares about your music.

Good Cop: It’s OK, I know it’s hard but you are so brave to be continuing on this journey, even though you are shit scared every time. Keep going! You are making progress. And – don’t you see, no matter how many people walk past and ignore you, there is always an equal number who stop and cheer you on, and even give you some money. So – stop listening to bad cop. You have GOT this! Yeah (virtual inner fist pump).

~ Inner Self Dialogue ~

Luckily, so far, the good cop wins, and I continue on this journey of self discovery. How does it feel to constantly face my fears and overcome them. How does it feel to be living on my edge. Can I stay the course? Can I feel all the feels and stay in my centre?

Piazza Duomo in Ortigia with the Cathedral (formerly Temple of Athena) on the left

Here on the beautiful island of Ortigia in Siracusa, it’s a great place to carry out this life experiment. It’s an ancient town which was originally built by the (ancient!) Greeks in about 600 BC – and there are remains of that version of this town everywhere, including in two temples they constructed, one to the God Apollo (the remains are still regonisably a temple) and another to the Goddes Athena (this temple was subsequently integrated into the Cathedral of Siracusa, which dates from the 7th century AD).

Artesan vendors in Siracusa

It’s very much a walking town, built on human dimensions. The streets are narrow (apart from the grand piazzas like the Duomo), and there are hardly any cars present. So the interactions here are human to human, everyone here in this tiny island city is walking. So it’s perfect for artists or all kinds to perform their work. As well as street musicians, there are mime artists and performers (think Charlie Chaplin style) as well as many artisan people selling jewellery or hand made photographs and paintings as souvenirs.

This is a Sicilian street performer who does a funny act in which she plays a portraitist. She has some old timey music playing (think Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby) and she catches people using a Charlie Chaplin mime style to come and sit for them. Then she asks them to chose their colours (from her range of textas) and then sits down to draw their portrait, all the while making funny faces at them, a la Mr Bean, and squinting to try and get the portrait exactly right. In ten minutes she is done.

By then they are usually laughing and happy and so also happy to give the artist a generous donation… And they get to walk away with the portrait. A nice funny memory from Siracusa.

Are you walking out on your scary edge at the moment and feeling the fear while doing it anyway? Leave me a comment and tell me how it’s going for you? Would you like to see a video of me busking here in the piazza duomo? Leave me a comment with a YES ! 🙂

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