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True Freedom is Letting Go Of Your Story

Let Go Of Your Story

My most popular meditation on the Insight Timer App with over 13,000 listens and 1000 reviews is one of the first ones I uploaded, over four years ago, called ‘Let Go of Your Story’.

Given this response, it’s clearly something that many people resonate with. The meditation addresses the fact that many of us have old stories, what are called ‘Samskaras’ in yogic philosophy, about ourselves roaming around in our head. They might be stories about how we can’t do something, or how we’ll never, or what this or that person thinks about us (btw, can we really see inside another’s mind to know this?). They might also be good stories, about how we have triumphed in the past at something, or overcome something that was very challenging for us. 

But whether they are good stories or bad stories, it’s useful to recognise that this is all they really are. They are not the truth about us, as the truth reaches much deeper than any story. 

Whether our stories are good stories or bad stories, it's useful to recognise that this is all they really are. They are not the truth about us, as the truth reaches much deeper than any story.


Every day is a brand new day, where we are able to expand into new versions of ourselves based on empowering thoughts and based on empowering beliefs, but first we might have to clear out a few of our old stories, so that each day really is a brand new day for us to paint our life on, rather than a day where we roll out an old story and then act out past patterns of behaviour based on that.

This meditation will help you to disconnect with any of your self-limiting stories and dissolve them so as to create new space in your life; new space free from Samskaras where you can be a life artist, painting a beautiful life for yourself on all different fronts – family, love, friendships, work, finances and fun.

I hope I can inspire you today to let go of any limiting stories that are holding you back so that you can continue to believe in yourself and create your life as you dream it. The meditation below should help you with that process.


Saturday Zoom Sessions for Creative Connections

I am starting up Saturday Sessions on Zoom as a place to connect with others and be yourself, to share whatever you would like to share – whether that’s a poem you wrote, or a song, or a painting, or just how you are feeling. This is a safe, non-judgemental space for Soul Alchemy. 🙂 

Watch out for an email on Saturdays with the link. The time is 6pm Australian Easter Standard time, which is 9 am in London and 10am in Central Europe. 

MONTHLY Workshops on Zoom

I also offering two workshops this month (July), which are held on Zoom and cover different themes. 

The first, ‘Unblock the {Spirit} Drains’ is on Saturday July 10th, and the second, ‘Inner Child Healing + Relationship Blueprints’ is on July 24th. Both are AUD $33 to attend.

These are both 2 hour workshops where I will guid you through some different ideas that pluck the best and most useful concepts from my psychological and spiritual research over the past 20 years or so, which I have used for my own self healing. I will also take you through a few different exercises – these are very hands on and practice sessions designed to give you clarity on where you are in your current life journey and some tools and practices for moving forward with confidence. 

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