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New Moon in Libra ~ Time to Re-calibrate?

'Libra' art by hgjart
'Libra' art by hgjart

This month (October 2021) is the month of Libra. It’s the sign of balance and harmony. Libra is an Earth sign, so Librans are generally very stable and grounded people. 

One of my best friends in Majorca (from when I lived on that island for 5 years) is a Libra, and was a primary school teacher for her whole career. She is the opposite of me in this regard. Whereas I have lived in many countries, and have done I don’t know how many jobs across multiple ‘careers’ if you could call them that – before starting my own business, she was employed by the state department of education and taught English to primary school kids on her home island for her whole working life (apart from a one year exchange experience working in the US). So this element of grounded-ness in her work and the stability of a regular pay check was obviously very important to her. Whereas for me, I would be depressed knowing that I have to go to the same school every day for a whole year or many years. But, I’m not a Libra! Rather a Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius, a creative dreamer with a thirst for adventure. Everyone is on their own unique journey and what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me.

This new moon in Libra is an opportunity and an invitation to look at balance and harmony in our lives, and see where we may need to recalibrate things somewhat.

I have outlined 4 themes in my New Moon Transmission on Youtube for this month.

  1. Balance / Harmony – what do you need more of or less of in your life? On all levels – emotional, mental, material / physical and spiritual. Do you need more people time and less alone time? Do you need more alone time? Are you too engaged with politics? Or do you feel you want more agency in what goes on in your society?
  2. Power and Powerlessness. What about power? Do you feel you stand in the middle of yourself, and are empowered enough to firmly state your views in your work or in your relationships? Or is these some people pleasing there that needs to be re-calibrated so that you are living on your terms and not somebody else’s?
  3. Movement versus Grounded-ness. For many of us, the last 18 months has been a time of enforced grounded-ness. Being grounded and rooted in the Earth is good. But we are not trees. We are human and a deep part of being human is movement, connection with new people and places gives us new energy for life, and new stimulation for our bodies and minds. Is there a journey you are planning now? Or are there some practices (like dancing, yoga) that you can take up to bring more movement and dynamism to your life?
  4. Purging of the old to make room for the new. On a macro level we are very much being called now to look at the core values that underpin our societies. What is a democracy for you? Do you feel represented by your government and if not, are there values of yours your government is transgressing? I believe we are going through a purge on a macro level – purging our societies of some of old structures and systems that are no longer serving us (such as 9 – 5 jobs in offices) and moving into a new paradigm of living (working from home, flexible employment, more opportunities for entrepreneurship, new ways of being together in community). On a micro level this might invite you to look at your values, and how they are reflected in your current way of living, and if they are not, look at what you might want to purge to make room for new life.

“A new state of being creates a new personality … a new personality produces a new personal reality. How will you know whether this meditative practice has activated your three brains to produce the intended effect? Simple: you will feel different as a result of investing in the process.”

― Joe Dispenza, ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.’

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