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An Alternative Approach to healing the Narcissist Empath Dynamic

Narcissist Empath Dynamic

As an empath myself, I have attracted quite a few people who might be termed ‘narcissists’ or that they have ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ into my life.


As a very sensitive and deep feeling person, an empath is like a magnet for a person with narcissistic tendencies, because what these people love most of all is an audience. And what an empathetic person is good at, more than anything, is listening. So, for someone who loves to be in the limelight, and show off all their awesomeness, it’s like hitting the jackpot when they find someone who is so sensitive that they will listen for hours without a thought for themselves, and what they are getting from the interaction.

If this is you, and you find yourself in interactions or relationships with these kinds of people, you will end up feeling very drained at the end of the conversation / or time spent with them. This is how you know that this interaction has not been good for you. You will feel like the energy has been sucked out of you, and that’s because it has. Whether intentionally or not, the other person has been in some way feeding on your goodness, on your willingness to be there for them and to listen, and they come away from the interaction strengthened and feeling good about themselves, as if they’ve just had a super tasty and nourishing meal.

As the person on the receiving end, obviously feeling drained and sucked dry is not a good feeling, and it’s better that we avoid that. But how to do it, if perhaps you have been in these kinds of dynamics all your life, and this unbalanced feeling in relationships is familiar for you?

I have discovered personally that there are two different paths we can go down. We can take the victim path, and start to feel afraid of people, because we are so used to attracting these people with narcissistic tendencies that will likely abuse our energy and our care, that we start to withdraw from interactions before they begin. This is the path of fear, and the path of demonising of ‘the other’.

The other approach is, instead of demonising that person, and making them into our enemy, we can see them as our teacher. I find this to be more empowering. Through learning from these ‘teachers’, we can change and grow so that we stop attracting them, because we’ve learnt the lesson they came to give.

Watch the video below for the full story.

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