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Akasha Love

Inner Work

Narcissist Empath Dynamic

An Alternative Approach to healing the Narcissist Empath Dynamic

As an empath myself, I have attracted quite a few people who might be termed ‘narcissists’ or that they have ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ into my life.   As a very sensitive and deep feeling person, an empath is like a magnet for a person with narcissistic tendencies, because what these people love most of all …

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Emotional Emergency Pause

Emotional Emergency Pause

I believe that right now we are in an age – the Age of Aquarius – according to the astrologers, which is an age when as a collective we are maturing on the emotional level. More of use are learning emotional intelligence, thus boosting out EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and becoming agents of positive change in the world, or as Jamie Catto tags it, ‘Walking Permission Slips’.

I created this ‘Emotional Emergency Pause’ guided meditation to help you through an overwhelming feeling experience.


The Importance of Self-Definition as a foundation of Self-Expression

I am called to write this today, as it’s an important part of my life’s journey, so hopefully it will also resonate with you. I wanted to write about self-definition, deciding who you are and what you stand for. And then also self-expression; sharing who you are and what you stand for with the rest …

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The Universe in You

How to grow Masterful Boundaries even if you have never had them

If you have people pleasing tendencies, and do your best to always be a ‘good’ person and a ‘nice’ person, you are likely to come across many people who will take advantage of you.

Boundaries are something that our parents and caregivers help us to develop through letting us know that our feelings matter, and helping us to tune into these feelings, and understand the messages they bring.

Inner Spring

A Field Guide to Radical Self Love for HSP’s

Do you feel things very deeply? Do you feel the emotions of others, feel what animals are feeling, and the moment you step into a place, immediately have information about what is going on there? Do you unconsciously take the energetic pulse (happy, sad, excited, angry, tranquil, crazed, longing, frustrated, f*cking pissed off…?) of the place and receive all kinds of information about people, whether you are interested or not.

Moving from Fear to Love, By Akasha Love

Are you a People Pleaser?

How do you know if you are a people pleaser? Basically it means that you are outsourcing respect and love for yourself to others in your life. If you don’t yet fully love, accept and trust yourself, you may find yourself looking outwards to other people for validation of your worth.