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Narcissist Empath Dynamic

An Alternative Approach to healing the Narcissist Empath Dynamic

As an empath myself, I have attracted quite a few people who might be termed ‘narcissists’ or that they have ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ into my life.   As a very sensitive and deep feeling person, an empath is like a magnet for a person with narcissistic tendencies, because what these people love most of all …

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Moving from Fear to Love, By Akasha Love

Are you a People Pleaser?

How do you know if you are a people pleaser? Basically it means that you are outsourcing respect and love for yourself to others in your life. If you don’t yet fully love, accept and trust yourself, you may find yourself looking outwards to other people for validation of your worth.

Shadow Puppets from Indonesia.travel website

Shadow Puppets: Dancing with our Inner Monsters

When we are really affected by the energies swirling around us, and particularly by other people’s energy, we can easily be pulled into a vortex of drama and negativity without realising it. Other people might be in such a convoluted inner state that they project all of their own inner turmoil onto us without realising what they are doing. And this can feel awful.

I recently experienced a situation where someone projected a lot of their inner reality onto me, making me the cause of their own unaddressed emotional pain.