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Radical Self Love Retreats, Bali + Australia

Inner Freedom Meditation Retreat, NSW, Australia, 2020

What did you most enjoy about the retreat? 

“Everything. Nothing was less significant than the other part. Although it is exactly as Michelle described – good for mental development, so was also challenging (very). Michelle is an amazing teacher: her sense of peace, strength and inner joy are all that I aspire to have!” 

Anonymous Participant

What did you most enjoy about the retreat?

Any of the guided meditations. I also really liked the meditation on self and non-self. Something really interesting to think about. Allowed me to reflect more deeply.

Anonymous Participant

Introduction to Mindfulness Course: Geelong and Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 2018

 “Michelle was amazing and would and will recommend to others”

Libby Mears

“Michelle has an incredible story to tell and uses her personal experience really effectively. I could have heard more about her insights.

Michelle was the key factor. Enjoyed structure of the course.”

Michael J Watson

“Exceptionally effective”

“Michelle was amazing would and will recommend to others”

W Riggs

“Instructor was very personable, and shared her vulnerabilities. Very knowledgable. Went the extra mile and wrote key messages on the whiteboard. Encouraged the sharing of experience. Meditation sessions were very relaxing.”

Kerryn S

“Exceptionally effective – I thought Michelle’s delivery of the material and her sharing of experience were wonderfully real, relatable and insightful.”

Georgia C Wills

“Highly effective”

Jenni Mills

“Michelle was excellent”

M Meilak

“She was very knowledgeable and calming…”

Leonie Curtis

“Michelle is great. I enjoyed doing two small meditations a class.”

Lisa Pritchett

“Exceptionally effective”

Helen Booth

“Michelle Taffe is a wonderful presenter, genuine, open, honest, caring and immersed in what she is teaching and very engaging.”

Andrea Makris

“Exceptionally effective”

C Luuey

“Michelle tuned into the group and gently built trust and connections over the time with us  She was very effective.”

Ros Williamson