Akashic Tarot : 7 Card Spread


This is a 90 minute Akashic Tarot Reading, with a 7 Card Eclipse Tarot Spread, designed to give you some in depth insight on a particular question you have in mind. It will help you see answer the question: What to do?

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I will do a ‘Seven Card Eclipse’ Tarot Reading for you using the Aleister Crowley tarot deck. I have been using this deck for about 15 years, so I am very well acquainted with the meaning of all the cards. I use my intuition and inner guidance when doing tarot readings. I don’t predict any futures, I just give my intuitive reading on the indications of the cards. This is a V shaped layout of 7 cards, which is good when you want clarity around a particular issue or situation that’s been bugging you. The basic question is : ‘What is to be done?’ – the 7 cards give you an indication of all the elements present, and point towards possible actions.


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