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You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2022

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

Ready for your most self-expressed year yet in 2022?

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar is illustrated with a different painting for each month, helping you connect with your inner you-ni-verse, so that you can manifest the most fabulous outer universe for you to live in.

Ready for a year where you get to explore all the different aspects of yourself? 

The theme for the Calendar for 2022 is Carl Jung’s Archetypes. Each month features an oil painting of one of the 12 Archetypes, as described by Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst in his 1948 book, ‘The phenomenology of the spirit in fairy tales; The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious’.

You-Ni-Verse paintings for 2022
'The Ruler', 'The Hero' and 'The Jester', from the months of September, May and April.

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

Ready for your most expressed year ever in 2022?

Each archetype represents an aspect of the self. Each month you are invited to reflect on this particular aspect of yourself – where it is expressed currently, where it is repressed, where you may want to bring it out a little more.

Each month also has the dates of the Full Moon and the New Moons, to help you to organise your full moon and new moon rituals if you do that, or your Ashtanga yoga practice (where we take the full and the new moon days off.)

These paintings (oil on canvas) were painted in Melbourne, Australia in 2021. 

If you live in Europe, Asia or elsewhere, I can send you the calendar, with postage costs added as per your destination.

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Order the You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

Postage costs added according to destination. Can post to anywhere in the world.
$ 30
Order price in Australian dollars (flat rate AUD $3.50 shipping to anywhere in Australia)
  • 12 Paintings with Descriptions of each Archetype of Carl Jung
  • Full Moon and New Moon Dates for every month
  • Printed in A4 Size on in Melbourne
  • Full list of all months of the year on the second page


Your questions answered

We will post the calendar to you anywhere in Australia or the world. Postage fees will be added according to your location.

Yes! We may need to check postage prices for you first though. Email: hello (@) akashalove.life for more info.


This calendar is guaranteed to give you a new and different perspective on life through the insights offered through the Archetypes of Carl Jung to empower you throughout 2022.

If it does not, I will happily refund your purchase price (at the end of 2022, when you have travelled through all the months with this calendar as your guide 🙂 ).