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You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

Ready for your most sparkling year yet in 2021?

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar is illustrated with a different painting for each month, helping you connect with your inner you-ni-verse, so that you can manifest the most fabulous outer universe for you to live in.

Each painting represents a different inner state, or state of relationship: with self or others or nature.

These paintings (oil on canvas) were created through channeling divine guidance and inspiration on the island of the Gods in Bali in 2020. 

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

Ready for your most sparkling year ever in 2021?

The You-Ni-Verse Calendar has been created to help you connect at a deeper level with your inner nature. Each month, as you look at the calendar hanging on your kitchen door or above your workspace, sends you a reminder to connect with yourself and with nature in different ways. The full moon and new moons dates are also included for every month.


If you are in Australia, you can order the calendar which has been printed on hand-made paper in Bali, and it will be posted to you.

If you are in Bali, you can get the calendar at Ganesha Bookshop in Ubud, or ad Kado Gift Shop in Ubud, or at Warung Seni in the wilds of North Bali, in Tekakula.

If you are in Europe, the US, Asia or elsewhere, you can order the calendar from Calvendo, which is a print on demand service which will print the calendar for you and post to you where ever you are in the world.

To get more of an idea of the calendar, watch the video below.

Partnership with Social Impakt Bali

Social Impakt is a business that provides high-impact ceramic water filters to improve access to clean drinking water for rural communities in Indonesia.

We have partnered with Social Impakt to support their mission in Bali and Indonesia, as the You-Ni-Verse Calendar is produced in Bali. When you purchase the calendar, we will donate 5% of the purchase price to Social Impakt, to support their continuing work in providing clean drinking water to rural poor populations. 

So, your You-Ni-Verse Calendar supports your inner journey, and the health of the rural people in Bali and Indonesia.

Social Impakt Bali
Click the image to visit Social Impakt's website

Purchase the hand made You-Ni-Verse Calendar (Australia only)

Order the You-Ni-Verse Calendar 2021

For those in Australia only, if you are elsewhere, order the calendar online (link above) from Amazon
$ 29
Order price in Australian dollars (flat rate AUD $5 shipping to anywhere in Australia)
  • 12 Paintings with Descriptions of Inner States
  • Full Moon and New Moon Dates for every month
  • Printed in A4 Size on Hand Made Paper in Bali
  • Full list of all months of the year on the second page


Your questions answered

We will post the calendar to you anywhere in Australia. If you are elsewhere in the world, you can order the print-on-demand version from

You need to order the print-on-demand Calendar in A4 or A3 size from (link above).


This calendar is guaranteed to give you a new and different perspective on life and to empower you throughout 2021.

If it does not, I will happily refund your purchase price (at the end of 2021, when you have travelled through all the months with this calendar as your guide 🙂 ).

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