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Transformation through Inner {R}evolution

Do you have a vision for the person you want to be but something is preventing you from becoming that? Heal your wounded self through Self-Love, Meditation, and Creativity and start living a joyful life of passion, purpose and fulfilment.

How do you navigate your inner You-Ni-Verse? What if there was a reason for your struggle, a purpose in your pain and a clear path forward? Ernest Hemingway said in 'A Farewell to Arms' "The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places."

My You-Ni-Verse Program will help you become strong at the broken places so that you can thrive in your life.



Passion is the fuel you need to reach deep inside yourself and pull out your dreams.



Find fulfilment in life through purposeful work, enriching relationships and playful creative pursuits.



Living your life with purpose, means knowing your mission and who you are serving each day.

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From Self-Abandonment to Self-Love

What stops you from living a life which is joyful, fulfilled and purposeful?

Self Abandonment

Self abandonment and self sabotage are there due to an unworthiness program running in the background of your life (in your subconscious).

How do you know if you are running an unworthiness program?
You suffer from:

  • Persistent self-doubt
  • Difficulty with intimate relationships
  • A tendency to attract abusive people into your life, either as friends or lovers
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • A recurring presence of depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty with knowing what you really need and what you really want
  • A feeling of emptiness or loneliness that seems ever present in the background

If any of these boxes are ticked for you, you will benefit from the ‘You-Ni-Verse’ Self Healing and Empowerment program. 

The Foundations of Self-Love

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The You-Ni-verse

A comprehensive program designed to support your healing process, so that you can move from Self-Abandonment to Self-Love, and live a life of passion, purpose and fulfilment.

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