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The You-Ni-Verse

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Are you seeking a community of like-minded souls on a spiritual journey, wanting to evolve past their shadows and into the light (but without spiritual bypassing!)? Then you have come to the right place. The You-Ni-Verse is just this. An online connected community of like-minded souls, seeking to uplift each other in the journey of life. For an investment of just AUD $33 each month, you can join the monthly

  1. Guided New Moon Meditations and Tarot Readings,
  2. access to all of the Akasha Love online courses,
  3. a private members forum where you can interact with other members,
  4. plus an exclusive guided audio meditation each month, on a subject relevant to the group.
  5. 10% Discount on live events such as online Workshops and in-person Retreats.

Join an amazing group of loving and supportive people who come together each month to share connection and community online.


The You-Ni-Verse Membership Portal is like a collective of all your favourite amazing people in one place online. It’s a safe space, free from trolls, free from negative energy, free from politics, where the only endeavour is holding space for your souls evolution and your heart’s peace. 

Each month in the You-Ni-Verse, members are treated to a Guided Meditation on the New Moon, along with a Tarot Reading for the Collective. This is an exclusive Zoom call of 60 – 90 minutes where members are free to ask questions at the end, relating to any topic, whatever is concerning you at present (relationships, money, career, Earth, family, etc.)

This is a community of stars who orbit together in this You-Ni-Verse who are dedicated to healing from any past traumas, to upgrading relating techniques via inner and outer meditative work, to unravelling any patterns that are keeping you stuck in the past or preventing you from going after your dreams and reaching your goals.

The basic level of the You-Ni-Verse Membership is AUD $33 per month. If you would also like weekly Yoga Classes on Zoom (Friday Evening 5pm AU time), choose the Yogi level for $99 per month. Both levels you are free to cancel any time. 

As an introductory offer, the first month (of either level) is charged at $1.